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September 2016

This is my latest guitar. It is a classical Spanish guitar (650 scale) . These are its main features:

  • Laminated sides. This method is an enhancement to the classic simple sides ones. It’s made out of Indian rosewood and veneer. It helps on preventing cracks, improves the overall rigidity and durability.
  • Back is Indian rosewood as well.
  • Purflings are custom made out of cypress wood and veneers.
  • The top is first quality spruce
  • Neck is Spanish cedar.
  • The fretboard is ebony
  • Finish is a high quality specifically produced for guitars waterborne. It’s thickness has been reduced up to the minimum to protect the wood while the sound quality is not impacted.

The rosette is a personal design based on the Master Luthier J.Bodganovich.

Contact me if interested. target price is 800 €. This is a pure bargain according to my non profit  philosophy. Take into account this is a hand made instrument that took more than 200 hours  of laborious and meticulous work. Try and judge by yourself.


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