Introducing myself…


Hi everyone. My name is Onofre Garrido. I’m an amateur guitar builder so my production is quite limited. Just a few guitars per year (typically two or three) and my aim is not make business building guitars. My goal is only keep working so the benefit from my current guitar will be scarcely enough to cover the expenses and invest into improving my workshop. It doesn’t mean that the quality that you can expect from my instruments is not professional. Try one and judge by yourself….

I started building a “testbed” guitar using model aircraft plywood, veneer and pine pallets. Later on I decided to learn from the masters so I studied for a year at the school Glissando, along with Toto and Arturo Sanzano. There I discovered the construction technique of the traditional Madrid school. In my guitars I try to apply what I think best of all I’ve seen from different builders. I will be showing construction details if this project goes on …

I am based in Madrid (Spain) and after working for years in a 4 square meter mini-workshop installed in my house storage room I enjoy now a nice workshop that allows me work without space constraints. Have a look at the on sale section to find my current stock of guitars. If you want to commission a custom made guitar, flamenca, classical, please contact me.

My workshop